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  • CD58 Loss in Tumor Cells Confers Functional Impairment of CAR T-cells

    Yan et al, Blood Advances 2022

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  • Multidimensional Single-Cell Analysis Identifies a Role of CD2-CD58 Interactions for Clinical Antitumor T-Cell Responses

    Romain et al, bioRxiv 2022

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  • Multi-Modal Pooled Perturb-Cite-Seq Screens in Patient Models Define Novel Mechanisms of Cancer Immune Evasion

    Frangieh et al, Nat Genet 2021

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  • CD58 Aberrations Limit Durable Responses to CD19 CAR in Large B Cell Lymphoma Patients Treated with Axicabtagene Ciloleucel but Can be Overcome through Novel CAR Engineering

    Majzner et al, Nature Medicine 2019

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  • Combined Genetic Inactivation of β2-Microglobulin and CD58 Reveals Frequent Escape from Immune Recognition in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

    Challa-Malladi et al, Cancer Cell 2011

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