CARGO is advancing a pipeline
of next-generation adoptive
CAR T-cell therapies for cancer

  • CD22-Directed Car T-Cell Therapy Induces Complete Remissions in CD19-Directed Car–Refractory Large B-Cell Lymphoma

    Baird et al, Blood 2019

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  • Clinical Lessons Learned From the First Leg of the CAR T-Cell Journey

    Majzner et al, Nature Medicine 2019

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  • Tumor Antigen Escape from CAR T-cell Therapy

    Majzner et al, Cancer Discovery 2018

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  • CD22-Targeted Car T-Cells Induce Remission in B-All That Is Naive or Resistant to CD19-Targeted Car Immunotherapy

    Fry et al, Nature Medicine 2018

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